Ireland’s Moment

This is the moment everything changes for towns and regions all over Ireland

SIRO is like no other broadband. We are the only network able to offer businesses and homes broadband speeds that are on par with some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world like in Tokyo and Singapore.

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SIRO is also transforming home life and work life. With SIRO, businesses can compete both within Ireland and on a global scale. And SIRO users at home can enjoy the best internet connection and entertainment options for everything from movies to video calls. With a 1 Gigabit internet connection, you can enjoy life as it happens.

At SIRO we are helping to reverse the digital divide between towns and cities in Ireland. And we are expanding by the day. Our unique network is currently available through Vodafone and Digiweb in numerous towns and regions. View our Roll Out map or contact our partner broadband providers to find out more.

“In the design industry, technology is always advancing, so it’s really important for us that, just because of our countryside location, we’re not left behind. SIRO is going to improve our responsiveness to clients on a daily basis.”

Gillian Reidy Creative Director, Penhouse Design


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